Friday, 22 July 2016

Meet Our Team

As a youth organization, we believe that young people must be at the centre of Sustainable Development Agenda by promoting and coordinating relevant programs with an aim to contribute positively to the well-being of the society. We understand that young people have a tremendous deposit of unexploited knowledge and skills that can be useful to their well being, immediate community and the society at large. 

Our team consist of young professionals who are committed to making IMPACT right from the local communities and our Success as a youth organization depend on our team. Below are some of the people who make up Team YiSHDA. 

Youth Initiative for Sustainable Human Development in Africa (YiSHDA) provides a unique platform that gives every young person the opportunity to invest their energy, creativity and time to help make the society a better place. We also expose young people to opportunities for personal leadership, development and empowerment. 

Our Board of Trustees is made up men and women of integrity and who give their time and carry out their duties for no payment. YiSHDA benefits immensely from the objectivity, skills and experiences of its Board. The board administers and determines policies for operations and set the direction for YiSHDA.  It also ensure that YiSHDA continue to work to sustain its foundation of excellence. 

Also YiSHDA’s Advisory Board is a group of professionals and well-meaning individuals who offer their time and other resources to support YiSHDA’s cause and their role complements that of the Board of Trustees (BOT). They bring unique knowledge and skills which augment the knowledge and skills of the board of trustees in order for YiSHDA to be more effectively guided in her operations.

Team YiSHDA consist of the following: 

John Adamu                                                Dr. Enefu Daniel
Chairman, Board of Trustees               Member, Board of Trustees
Victoria Abaniwonda                           Joseph Emmanuel Yaba
Member, Board of Trustees                  Secretary of Board 

Barrister, Noah Adanu                         Jacobs Tsebam
Solicitor/Legal Adviser                           Member, Advisory Board

Deborah Friday                                       Matej Novak
Member, Advisory Board                     Member, Advisory Board

Dr. Roseline Kela                                   Neemat Abdulrahim
Member, Advisory Board                     Member, Advisory Board

Kemi Gbadamosi                                   Mal. Abubakar Mohammed
Member, Advisory Board                     Member, Advisory Board

Nolen Deibert                                 Moses Agbara
Member, Advisory Board                     Communications/Programs

Ibrahim Ismaila                                      Joyce Akuve Samson     
Programs & Operations                        Administration & Human Resource    
Pius Dauda Hyams                               Flora Solomon
Programs Officer                                     Assistant Program Officer

Miriam Jaro Kasang                             Ruth Nyam 
Programs Support Staff                        Programs Support Staff

Program Support Staff                         Program Support Staff


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  1. Wonderful people with the vision to raise Africa to greater lights and innovation. All the best ideas ahead.