Sunday, 9 February 2014

Emerging Young Leaders Program 2014

The role of youths in shaping the future of Nigeria cannot be over-emphasized, hence the very need for a system that will absorb the idle minds of the youths and put them into good use for the development of our great nation.

As part of YiSHDA's contribution, Emerging Young Leaders Program was designed. The program serves as an eye opener and a medium for youths to identify, explore and maximize their potentials as leaders through a one-day seminar. The program will develop and strengthen the youths by improving their self esteem, self control, capacity building and leadership skills. It will also give every aspiring young leader the opportunity to develop in many leadership qualities and skills needed to make impact in the society. 

Through the Emerging Young Leaders Program, we will identify young men and women who will show great potential to become leaders of great influence in their families, communities and the nation at large. These young men and women will also have the opportunity to reach out and influence their world positively. 

This years Emerging Young Leaders Program is Scheduled as Follows:

Date:    26th April, 2014
Time:   9:OOam
Venue:  Multipurpose Hall, Government Secondary School, Mararaba, Nasarawa State

For more information/confirmation call: 08051522484, 08033581704, 08035621381, 07069292631 or send a mail to

YiSHDA... still committed to Building Tomorrows Leaders Today. We look forward to welcoming you at the program.

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